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Door Lining and Frames

G&C Softwoods are able to supply a full range of Door Linings, Frames & Screens, all made to specific customer requirements.

Whether it’s a normal door lining, a rebated frame or a fire screen, G&C Softwoods machine each item to order out of quality Redwood Joinery Softwood or Hardwood Timber, exactly to the customer’s specification. MDF Linings are also made to order. If you have standard or non-standard size doors, we are able to make a Lining or Frame to suit your needs.

For each Joinery item manufactured, we are able to offer additional services if required including:

  • Knotting
  • Priming
  • Assembly
  • Plot Bundling

We are also able to supply additional items such as Door Stops & Intumescent Strips for use with fire rated Linings/Frames. (Intumescent Strip available in either Fire Only or Smoke Seal)

Our standard Door Linings are manufactured using a 'Rabbet and Dado' Joint. This is where the Head of the Lining would be trenched out to give a recess or 'Dado' and the Jamb would have a tongue or 'Rabbet' that would then fit into this recess.

Most of the Rebated Frames & Screens are manufactured using a 'Mortice and Tenon' Joint. This is where the Head of the Frame would have a square or rectangular cavity cut into it, this would be your 'Mortice;' the Jamb would then have a 'Teno', which would be a projection from the piece of timber to fit inside the 'Mortice'.

Enquiries for any and all Linings/Frames are always welcome and we are happy to help in any way we can to make sure that the customer gets the product which is right for them.

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